How to Grow Perfect Orchid


Orchid Raiser is a course open well draining mix to ensure health and long-lasting plants thriving in well aerated and composted potting soil.

Good aeration allows the soil’s biological activity to take place and benefit the plant. Peats Orchid Raiser provides for maximum RAPID water draining age AIR circulation within the soil for thriving root ventilation.

Peats Orchid Raiser is an open well drained medium solution and is well composted with coarse material throughout allowing plant roots to bond firmly.

Increase plant health an fertility

A Special Blend which helps to:

  • maximise root health
  • increase the efficiency of nutrient uptake by plants
  • increases drainage, air flow and root ventilation
  • feed the beneficial soil microbes that are critical to natural processes in healthy soils

Increase plant health, yield and quality

The special blend in Peats Orchid Raiser can:

  • enhance uptake of major plant nutrients
  • improve nutrient movement within the Orchids
  • regulate the plant hormones needed for normal growth
  • increase energy production for essential functions like photosynthesis
  • all in one plant health with no need for expensive fertilisers

Invest in your potting soil with Peats Orchid Raiser. Talk to our team about how Peats Orchid Raiser can help improve Orchid Plant health and quality and reduce fertiliser costs.


Availability guidelines

The product is available in Bags, Bulka’s and Bulk.

Test results on our Orchid Raiser returned positive comments…

“The results have been suitably impressive and the price is right so I will purchase more of this product which will be suitably sieved and graded by Peats Soils. While I don’t both to mix it with anything else, there is no reason why Peats Orchid Raiser can’t be substituted for bark and be mixed with your favourite additives to get good and affordable results. I propose to change over to in-pot drippers at least for the Cymidiums and expect this product will perform well with that technology in use for watering/fertilizing with Peats Orchid Raiser. Peats Soils will have it available as 1 cubic metre bales of graded product in at least the 2 grades I have been generating and I am sure they can generate more course grades too if required. Based on my trail results and experience so far, I can recommend their product to grow your potted orchirds at far more affordable prices. “

– Kevin Western, Western Orchids

In keeping with Peats Soils Organic Green product strategy all inputs come from fully recycled organic waste.