• Peat’s Radio Ads

      Keep an ear out for our new ads on Radio 5MU commenced on 16/3/16. If you are not sure how Peats can help your agricultural/horticultural or viticultural business, get in touch with us today! Listen to the ads below. [audio mp3="
  • 生物柴油 – 未来的选择

    Originally published on Big Rigs, 28th October 2015 - Click here to view 位于南澳洲的企业Peats Soil已完成了其自主研发的生物柴油提炼系统。该系统能通过特定的工艺流程从由食品加工厂收集而来的污水中提炼出有效成分从而生产生物质柴油
  • How to Grow Perfect Orchid

    Orchid Raiser is a course open well draining mix to ensure health and long-lasting plants thriving in well aerated and composted potting soil. Good aeration allows the soil's biological activity to take place and benefit the plant. Peats Orchid Raiser provides for maximum RAPID water draining
  • 7 Secrets For Growing the Best Vegetables

    Try these organic tips and tricks to get the most out of your planting space. Imagine harvesting nearly 50kgs of tasty, beautiful, organically grown vegetables from a 5m -by-7m plot, 40kgs of tomatoes from just 14m3 (a 2m-by-7m), or 10kgs of carrots from just 3m2. Yields like these are easier
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  • How to Grow the Perfect Lawn

    Use Peats Organic Loam - Ideal for new planting, turf and raised beds Peats Organic Loam is the product for you if you are looking to create new garden beds, top up some existing ones or establish new lawns or ovals A mixture of screened loam and Peats Organic AS4454Compost, it is the ideal pr
  • Growing the Tastiest Citrus

    Maximise the orange, lemon and lime harvest from your garden or balcony. I cannot imagine life without citrus… without zesty fresh juices full of vitamin c, more-ish lemon delicious puddings, a squeeze of lime in a soda or a Corona, or hot water with lemon to kickstart my mornings. Life wou
  • Paddocks
  • Kinyerrie Partnership farm

    WHO: Joe Sandford, Farm Manager, Kinyerrie Partnership WHERE: Keith, South Australia WHAT: Lucerne seed, hay crop, cattle, and lamb AIM: Unlock nutrients in the soil; improve soil texture, significant reduction in fertilizer bill and better soil health over time OUTCOMES -Sites have
  • sprinkler
  • Oakville Potatoes

    WHO: Oakville potatoes WHERE: Nildottie, South Australia WHAT: Centre Pivot potato farming AIM: Help the sandy soil’s water and nutrient holding capacity. Stop fertilizer and water loss through rapid leaching using Peats soils cultured compost. OUTCOMES -The trial is still under w
  • Blend 437

    Aspire to grow the perfect vegetable? The story of how one vegetable grower made an extra $119,200 from a hectare of carrots. Who: Vegetable Growing Family Business Where: West Victoria What: One of the largest organic carrots growers in Australia Product and application rate: Top Quali
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  • Waste management on Warraber Island

    The Torres Strait is an archipelago of small and geographically isolated islands spread over more than 35,000km2 between the northern tip of Australia and the southern borders of Papua New Guinea. Of the 17 inhabited islands 14 are locally governed by Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC).