Blend 437


Aspire to grow the perfect vegetable?

The story of how one vegetable grower made an extra $119,200 from a hectare of carrots.

Who: Vegetable Growing Family Business

Where: West Victoria

What: One of the largest organic carrots growers in Australia

Product and application rate: Top Quality Carrot Seeds PLUS 12 tonne of Peats Blend 437TM compost vs 17 tonne of standard industry compost. NB – Both paddocks were 1 hectare in size.

Aim of applying Peats Blend 437TM
–  Improve soil health.
–  Supply an organic matter and micro nutrient source in the soil easily absorbed into the plant via waterconsumption.
–  Supress soil borne disease and pathogens such as: Pythium, Streptomyces and Rhyzoctinia. Issues that are currently causing the Farm growth problems in these particular paddocks.
–  Clean fine compost that can be spread through a precision spreader quickly and efficiently.