• Paddocks
  • Kinyerrie Partnership farm

    WHO: Joe Sandford, Farm Manager, Kinyerrie Partnership WHERE: Keith, South Australia WHAT: Lucerne seed, hay crop, cattle, and lamb AIM: Unlock nutrients in the soil; improve soil texture, significant reduction in fertilizer bill and better soil health over time OUTCOMES -Sites have
  • sprinkler
  • Oakville Potatoes

    WHO: Oakville potatoes WHERE: Nildottie, South Australia WHAT: Centre Pivot potato farming AIM: Help the sandy soil’s water and nutrient holding capacity. Stop fertilizer and water loss through rapid leaching using Peats soils cultured compost. OUTCOMES -The trial is still under w
  • Blend 437

    Aspire to grow the perfect vegetable? The story of how one vegetable grower made an extra $119,200 from a hectare of carrots. Who: Vegetable Growing Family Business Where: West Victoria What: One of the largest organic carrots growers in Australia Product and application rate: Top Quali